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Houma Injury


Houma Personal Injury Attorney

Houma is a small city near New Orleans with a diverse Cajun culture and a substantial Native American population. With neighboring cities like New Orleans and Kenner, this area hosts several festivals related to Cajun and Houma tribe culture each year. It has access to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. However, Though the retail economy in Houma is rising, the traditional livelihood involves fishing for shrimp, crab, and oysters, along with other maritime occupations. Our experience attorneys at Cueria Law Firm value the hard work and business of Houma residents and specialize in assisting victims of maritime accidents and personal injuries in Houma, LA. 

Maritime Claims

The Gulf Coast plays a considerable role in Louisiana’s economy, especially when it comes to offshore oil drilling. Any offshore accident, such as damage to a ship or oil rig, can represent a substantial financial setback for a Houma family. That’s why the Cueria Law Firm is ready to stand up on behalf of injured dockworkers and ship crewmembers. We possess practical knowledge of laws like the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and how to get the best compensation.

Qui Tam Claims

Under a qui tam claim, a whistleblower who assists in the prosecution of their employer for a crime or an act of fraud is entitled to a share of the settlement paid by their employer as part of their penalty. If a Houma resident is involved in the prosecution of an employer’s illegal activity, they shouldn’t be left behind once the distribution of money has begun. Our dedicated legal team will fight for your claim to a share of the reward and ensure you get the recognition you deserve.

Environmental Injuries

Environmental disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill continue to affect up to 50% of the local fish populations in Louisiana, resulting in mutations and a drop in catches for local fishers. The Cueria Law Firm Houma LA personal injury lawyer has plenty of experience at handling claims against negligent businesses like BP and will work hard to represent both physically injured victims and those struggling financially.

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