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Maritime Accidents


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Injured on the job as a maritime worker?

Being injured takes a toll on your life physically, financially, and even emotionally. Those who suffer serious injuries are often left feeling devastated, helpless, and even betrayed if the injury was a result of negligence in the workplace.

Maritime workers often face a higher risk than other industries of injuries while on the job due to the dangerous nature of their work. Maritime accidents can easily leave victims with a temporary or even permanent disability that results in lost wages and an inability to earn a living.

A Kenner maritime lawyer from Cueria Law Firm can step in and fight for your rights to a full and fair settlement for your maritime work-related injuries. Schedule a free consultation today and we’ll work to ensure you receive the care and compensation you’re entitled to.

Louisiana Maritime Employment and Injury Statistics

According to a study performed by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) and Louisiana’s Community & Technical Colleges, Bayou State is home to the nation’s highest number of maritime jobs. By some estimates, as many as one in five Louisiana jobs are connected in some way to the maritime industry.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that between 2011 and 2017, the U.S. water transportation industry saw 87 fatal occupational injuries nationwide, representing a deadly injury rate almost six times that of the rate among all U.S. industries.

Maritime employees in this industry also experienced roughly 11,000 occupational injuries. Common injuries included broken bones and injuries to the back, lower extremities, and upper extremities—many resulting in disabilities.

When an accident occurs on the job, and you’re injured, it can be a painful, overwhelming, and worrisome experience. You need a Kenner maritime law attorney to help you get the maximum compensation for your work injuries and the loss you experienced due to them.

Maritime Worker Injury Resources

Going through the ordeal of a workplace injury is trying, stressful, and painful. The good news is that you never have to suffer alone. Local resources available to you can aid you through the process of healing and moving forward with your life.

Here is a helpful resource available to maritime workers in Kenner, LA.

Terri Campesta, LPC LMFT LLC

When someone is injured, the resulting damages aren’t always just physical. Serious injuries and disabilities that are the residual effects of a workplace injury often lead to complicated struggles with depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Terri Campesta is a counselor and psychotherapist who provides mental health services to help injury victims cope.

Terri Campesta, LPC LMFT LLC
2200 Veterans Blvd #204a
Kenner, LA 70062
(504) 427-7280

Trusted Maritime Attorney Serving Kenner, LA

One of your most valuable resources during your maritime worker injury ordeal will be your LA maritime law attorney. The legal team at Cueria Law Firm is knowledgeable in maritime law and dedicated to helping clients recover from and get compensated for their injuries.

Some of the personal injury and related practice areas we handle include:

FAQ: Kenner Maritime Law

How are admiralty and maritime law different from personal injury law?

Each state’s laws govern personal injury cases and hold negligent parties responsible for damages they’ve caused. Maritime accidents, however, frequently occur outside of any state’s jurisdiction. That’s why federal admiralty law governs these incidents, and personal injury cases related to maritime employees may end up being heard in federal court.

How do I know if my injury is covered under LHWCA or the Jones Act?

Many maritime workers who seek legal action against their employer for injuries sustained are covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA)—including dock workers, pier workers, offshore workers, and other maritime employees (like an oil rig workers).

Seamen, however, are not covered under this legislation, so their process for pursuing a lawsuit against their employer for negligence may look a little different. They may have to file Jones Act claims to receive compensation for injuries sustained during duty.

To be considered a seaman, you must be:

  • Permanently connected with a vessel or fleet
  • In navigation at the time of your accident
  • Performing duties and working aboard the vessel

What is burden of proof?

In a maritime injury case, burden of proof is a requirement of the injured seamen and their maritime law attorneys. We work with you to find evidence to prove your case.

Based on the Jones Act, the injured employee has a “featherweight” burden of proof based on the cause of the injuries. When presenting your case to a jury or a judge, we must present evidence proving that a maritime accident caused your injury.

Aside from requiring evidence to prove your case, a Jones Act claim can be complicated. It helps to have an experienced Kenner Jones Act lawyer by your side to navigate the legal action you need to take to receive monetary compensation.

Is there a deadline for filing a maritime workers’ compensation case?

Yes. Maritime industry injury cases have various deadlines called the Statute of Limitations (SOL). According to the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, there is a one-year time limitation.

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When you’ve been injured in a maritime worker accident as a result of workplace negligence, there’s a lot of pain, concern, and frustration involved. At Cueria Law Firm, we prioritize getting you all the medical care and treatments you need to reach maximum medical improvement.

Then, we focus on getting you the fair settlement you deserve that will compensate you for the losses—both financial and personal—that you’ve experienced as a result of your injury.

If you were injured in a maritime accident in Kenner, LA, contact the legal professionals at Cueria Law Firm and schedule a free consultation. Our law office is at 650 Poydras Street #2740, New Orleans, LA 70130.

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