February 19, 2024

Homeowners Insurance Disputes in New Orleans


You do all the things a responsible homeowner should. You board up your windows during hurricane season. You trim your trees and grass and comply with city ordinances. You have homeowners insurance that offers compensation if your property suffers damage. Yet, after dealing with pushback from your insurance company, you may wonder what you could have done differently. 

Cueria Law Firm, LLC has no patience for uncooperative insurance companies that attempt to mislead or defraud policyholders. For the past 35 years, we’ve dealt with countless insurers––and often, we’re able to hold them accountable for what our clients deserve. You upheld your end of the bargain. Now it’s time for the claims adjuster to uphold theirs. Learn how you benefit from working with our New Orleans hurricane claim lawyer. Call 504-525-5211 to begin your free claim review. 

La. R.S. 22:41 (otherwise known as the Policyholders Bill of Rights) outlines protections claimants have from bad-faith insurance practices. You have the right to: 

  • Be treated fairly and without exposure to unfair or deceptive acts
  • Interact with trained, competent, and honest insurance agents
  • Learn of exclusions upfront 
  • Receive a written notice of a denied claim, along with a valid reason why 
  • Receive notification of a policy’s cancellation 30 days prior to its termination 
  • File a complaint and have it investigated by the Department of Insurance 
  • Get fairly compensated for covered losses up to the liable policy’s limits 

You also have the right to partner with an attorney if an insurance company refuses to deal in good faith. When you hire our team, we assess the reason for the dispute and attempt to work out a solution with the insurance company. If it doesn’t cooperate, we can file a lawsuit based on breach of contract and go from there. 

Our Lawyer Combats the Complications of a Homeowners Insurance Claim 

You purchased homeowners insurance so you would have financial protection from the damage adverse weather events and other hazards caused. Yet, while you dutifully maintained your coverage, the insurance company might not process your claim in good faith. To avoid paying for your losses, it may: 

  • Argue that you didn’t mitigate the damage to your property. The insurance company may argue that because you didn’t secure your property prior to a covered event, it’s not entirely responsible for your losses. We can argue that you did everything possible to protect your property from damage and deserve fair compensation. 
  • Assert that the damage didn’t come from a covered event. Insurance only applies to covered situations. For instance, you may have homeowners insurance—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have coverage when a flood damages your floors. Our team can review the details of your policy and outline your coverage options. Don’t let the insurer misrepresent your policy’s terms or otherwise dissuade you from seeking a settlement. 
  • Offer a low settlement. The insurance company may process your case, but then offer pennies on the dollar. As noted, under the Policyholders Bill of Rights, you have the right to a settlement that accounts for your covered losses. The insurance company must also justify an offer––it can’t just throw out a number and refuse to explain its reasoning. 

These are just a few reasons why an insurance company may dispute a property damage claim. We’ve seen countless more. If you’re having a hard time moving forward with your insurance company after filing a property damage claim, connect with Cueria Law Firm, LLC. Dial 504-525-5211 to begin your free initial consultation.

Your New Orleans Insurance Dispute Lawyer Seeks Full Compensation 

Louisiana does not require homeowners to carry insurance. Yet, many mortgage lenders do. Depending on the coverage you purchased and maintained, you could have coverage for: 

  • Repairs to your property’s physical structures
  • The replacement of certain items (both indoor and outdoor belongings)
  • Additional living expenses (such as temporarily residing in a hotel) 
  • Loss of use (expenses incurred when you couldn’t live at home) 
  • Personal property, such as valuable artwork, jewelry, and collectibles 

Homeowners insurance doesn’t necessarily include coverage for floods and hurricanes. These policies are typically purchased separately. If you’re ever unsure of what you have covered, you can always consult your New Orleans insurance dispute lawyer. We cut through the complicated insurance jargon and explain your policy in terms you can understand. That way, you know what’s covered and what’s not.

We Have a Short Time to Initiate an Insurance Dispute Lawsuit 

Like other states, Louisiana has a prescriptive period for civil lawsuits. Generally, most insurance dispute lawsuits must be filed within one year. Yet, other factors may lengthen this filing period. Your case’s deadline ultimately depends on the extent of your property’s damage, the nature of the dispute, and the insurance carrier itself. 

We want to secure the compensation you need as soon as possible. That way, you can start repairing or replacing your property and moving on with your life. So, we invite you to call at your earliest convenience. This helps us meet the prescriptive period and present the strongest possible case. 

What Should I Do While Dealing With an Uncooperative Insurance Company? 

You should always do what makes sense in your situation. For instance, if you’re residing in a hotel because a hurricane damaged your home, you should focus on spending time with your family and remaining stable. If you’re able to live in your home (but can’t go in the kitchen, for instance), you should make some temporary repairs (e.g., placing a tarp over a hole in the roof) to keep the damage from getting worse. 

We also suggest that you: 

  • Keep all written communications with the insurance company 
  • Take photos of your property’s damage 
  • Hold onto any receipts, estimates, and bills related to repairs 
  • Think twice about accepting a low settlement offer 

Call Cueria Law Firm, LLC to Connect With Our New Orleans Lawyer 

Whether your home suffered damage from a flood, fire, or hurricane, the fact remains: if you purchased homeowners insurance, you’re entitled to what that coverage entails. With Cueria Law Firm, LLC, you can focus your attention on rebuilding your life. Throughout our partnership, we put your needs first and pursue what you need. 

Call 504-525-5211 to begin your initial consultation. 

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