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Personal injury accidents can have serious consequences for the people of Louisiana. Injuries often need costly medical treatment, and can affect your ability to provide for your family. We understand the financial stress that comes with being the victim of a personal injury accident. We offer a free consultation for any person who contacts our New Orleans office with a potential personal injury case, please contact us today. We have no upfront retainer fees, and only collect our payment once we have successfully secured your settlement or trial award.

Attorney Brent Cueria founded the Cueria Law Firm, LLC, located in New Orleans, in order to focus on the representation of injured individuals, where his true passion is. Mr. Cueria uses his past experience to diligently advocate for the clients he represents against the insurance companies.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Not all personal injury attorneys are the same. Each accident and injury is unique, and every personal injury case is different. It’s important to find a personal injury attorney who is experienced with your type of injury or accident. You will also need to find an attorney who has a strategy that aligns with your personal goals. If you need a check as soon as possible, and do not want to have a long, drawn-out case, you should be upfront about that. If you want to pursue the largest settlement possible, our smaller law firm may be a better fit instead of a larger law firm. Smaller firms usually offer more personalized service. Cueria Law Firm prides themselves on building relationships with their clients and providing them with customized service.


Our attorney has successfully settled thousands of claims, making him an expert in insurance company's legal tactics.

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We don't collect a payment until your claim has settled.

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We have relationships with medical providers allowing us to guarantee the cost of your treatment from your settlement at no upfront cost to you.

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Attorney Brent Cueria

Mr. Cueria received his Juris Doctor Degree from Loyola Law School in New Orleans in 1988. Following graduation, Brent spent several years with a local Personal Injury firm that had a national practice. He then spent 3 years with a firm that had a substantial insurance defense practice defending automobile and truck insurers as well as Medical Malpractice insurers and the State of Louisiana against a broad range of personal injury and other insurance disputes. He continued to represent Plaintiffs on a select basis while at this firm.

In 1993, Mr. Cueria founded the Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., located in New Orleans, in order to focus on the representation of injured individuals, where his true passion is. Mr. Cueria uses his past information and resources to diligently advocate for the injured and disabled clients he now represents against the insurance companies. Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C.’s other practice areas include: Maritime, Jones Act, personal injury, and auto accidents in New Orleans, LA.

Things to consider After an injury

Medical Bills: How much will your medical bills be? Will you require future medical treatment for broken bones, disc injuries, and other injuries? How will you pay for these expenses?

Lost Income: How much income have you already lost since your car accident? How much more time will your injury require you to be out of work? Is your damage so severe that it may force you to give up your current employment? How will you make ends meet?

These are just a few issues that often come up in personal injury cases. But there are others, such as who is responsible for your injuries? It’s only natural to be overwhelmed after an car accident, but speaking with an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney can help. Brent Cueria is a New Orleans personal injury lawyer who has over two decades of experience in handling car accidents cases. He is available to speak to you today about these issues and the many others that you may have considered—along with many more that you may not have considered but might be very important to your case. If you or your loved one have sustained injuries, please call one of the best personal injury law firms New Orleans LA for a free consultation at (504) 525-5211


Generally, the time limit to file a personal injury claim in New Orleans is one year from the date of your accident. This time limit is critical since most personal injury lawsuits filed past this deadline are denied. This site is not meant to offer a legal opinion on your specific legal need. Please consult an lawyer immediately on important case issues.

That’s why it is of utmost importance that you contact New Orleans personal injury attorney, Brent Cueria, today—even if you think the time limit may have expired on your accidents claim.

Many factors may affect your time limit to file a personal injury suit. For example, cases involving delayed injuries from a defective drug, defective product, or medical malpractice may result in a longer time limit. However, claims against a governmental entity will have a shorter time limit.

Please call personal injury law firm New Orleans LA for a free consultation at (504) 525-5211 so that our Louisiana personal injury attorney may begin evaluating your case today.

When most people think about damages they can recover in their personal injury lawsuit, they think of “economic damages.”


  • past and future medical expenses related to the injury
  • lost income from not being able to work due to the injury
  • the cost of repairs to your car or other property that may have been damaged in an accident.

However, there are also “non-economic damages” you can recover in your personal injury claim.


  • pain and suffering
  • loss of consortium (including loss of love, companionship, affection, society, comfort, support, sexual relations, or services)

It is vital that you contact a skilled personal injury lawyer New Orleans who is familiar with New Orleans injury law so that you can be truly informed of the damages to which you may be entitled. Brent Cueria is a personal injury attorney with over 20 years of experience in maximizing his clients’ claims. Please call New Orleans personal injury law firm today for a free consultation at (504) 525-5211

Most basic personal injury cases can be settled without going to court through what is called an “out-of-court settlement”. Louisiana personal injury attorney Brent Cueria has over two decades of experience in reaching fair agreements with insurance companies without having to go to court. However, as an aggressive advocate, he has also tried many cases in which the responsible person failed to offer fair compensation for his clients’ injuries.

The benefit of contacting New Orleans personal injury attorney Brent Cueria today is that he can assess your claim as early as possible to determine if the insurance company has proposed a fair offer, or if they are trying to “low ball” you. From there, he can skillfully negotiate a more appropriate settlement figure for your injuries. And finally, if need be, he will bring your case to trial to represent your best interests.

Please call our pi law firm New Orleans for a free consultation at (504) 525-5211 so that our Louisiana personal injury attorney may begin evaluating your case today.

The length of time to receive a personal injury settlement ranges from a few weeks to years. Every accident injuries case is different. Some factors that may affect the time in your personal injury settlement are the amount of evidence, the analysis of the evidence, testimony and witnesses, and the court schedule.

Most accident cases settle out of court before ever arriving at trial. A settlement is an ideal situation. We want to find a settlement offer that is appropriate for your injuries without the hassle of litigating the case through litigation and appeals.

An experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney can—and should—review your initial settlement offer from an insurance company before you accept it. Many times insurance companies offer a low settlement to “nip your case in the bud.” However, an experienced New Orleans injury attorney can advise you of what fair and adequate compensation would look like in your accident case, as well as demand that the insurance company increases its settlement offer. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, your Louisiana personal injury attorney will take your case to court.


Get your free copy of Attorney Brent Cueria’s informational guide, Napoleon’s Code – A Guide to Louisiana Personal Injury & Maritime law. This book will cover a host of topics highlighting some of the unique aspects of Louisiana law. Get your copy today so that you can be informed when choosing a law firm to represent you in your injury case. 

In This Guide We Cover

  • What to expect during your case
  • Types of Accidents
  • Filing Insurance Claims

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