May 12, 2020

Motorcycle Safety For Winter Weather


A motorcycle is a great option for anyone in need of a bit of extra adrenaline during their daily commute. However, with the temperatures dropping outside, there will usually be a rise in cases of motorcycle injury in New Orleans. If you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis, you will have to figure out how to drive safely during the colder parts of the year. Without the right type of preparation and equipment, you will be putting yourself at risk of motorcycle injury in New Orleans. Here are some things to think about when trying to drive your motorcycle safely in the winter.

Protecting Your Head and Your Hands

Keeping your head and hands protected from the cold winter weather should be one of your main concerns. Without the right type of helmet and gloves, you may become dangerously cold and lose focus on the road. You can easily keep your hands warm and protected by wearing gauntlet style gloves. There are also neck warmers on the market that can help to keep you from feeling the chill of winter while riding your motorcycle. Don’t be just another accident statistic! Take action and buy the right equipment to keep yourself safe. Motorcycle accident attorney firms handle a variety of cases each day regarding wrecks caused by a lack of cold weather preparation.

Getting Your Motorcycle Winterized

In order to keep the engine on your motorcycle running efficiently during the winter months, you will need to get it serviced. It’s important to make sure you’re using the right oil weight and your cooling system is running smoothly. Neglecting to have this type of maintenance done can lead to your motorcycle becoming unreliable. A motorcycle mechanic will be able to offer you guidance on what needs to be done to winterize your bike. Trying to handle this type of work on your own may lead to long-term damage for your bike. The last thing you want is to be involved in a wreck due to a lack of maintenance. The money invested in this type of winterization will be well worth it in the long run.

Checking and Changing the Tires on a Motorcycle

During the winter months, there will usually be ice on the road. If the tires on a motorcycle are not in good shape, the vehicle itself will have less traction. This will make it very hard for you to bring the motorcycle to a stop in a hurry. The best way to avoid these problems is by having the tires on your motorcycle checked and changed by a professional. They will be able to let you know when the existing tires have completely worn out and can quickly install new tires.

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