April 14, 2020

Neuropathy Injuries


The term neuropathy pertains to a group of disorders that take place in the body when the nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord have been damaged. When neuropathy occurs, pain is seen in the feet and hands. This pain is due to the nerve axons being damaged. An individual will usually be diagnosed with neuropathy when a traumatic injury takes place, a serious infection is present, the individual has been exposed to toxins or a metabolic disorder is present. 

What are the three categories of neuropathy?

Neuropathy is classified into three different categories. The first category is mononeuropathy, which means one single nerve is involved. The next category, multiple mononeuropathies, involves two or more nerves being affected but in individual form. The last category is Polyneuropathy, which involves all peripheral nerves being involved in some manner. Neuropathy will affect different nerves depending on the location of the injury. If a motor nerve is affected, the individual may suffer from symptoms such as spasms, cramps, and weakness of muscles along with the loss of coordination and balance. The individual can have difficulty with walking and running, easily becoming tired or falling. The condition, when associated with a sensory nerve, will cause different symptoms. The individual may feel numbness or tingling as well as pain or pinching in the affected area. This condition of the nerves can lead to no sensation in an area of the body or extreme pain. 

When neuropathy affects the autonomic nerves, the symptoms can be far more serious. These nerves control involuntary functions. This can include heart rate, bladder, and bowel dysfunction, losing the ability to sweat, having abnormal blood pressure, and other issues. Neuropathy is considered a serious medical issue and one that can be treatable. In some cases, the damage can be reversed, but there are symptoms that will remain for the rest of the patient’s life. 

It is not uncommon for employees of high-risk industry employment to suffer from neuropathic conditions. Neuropathy is associated with traumatic injury as well as repetitive stress, all of which can take place in an industrial type work environment. Years of injuries or one severe injury can lead to a lifetime of impaired function and pain. With the help of Cueria Law Firm, you can seek compensation for the injuries, plus pain and suffering, you have endured. When an employer or insurance company does not provide proper compensation for your injuries, its time to seek assistance from the experts. Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys are here to help. Let our experienced attorneys review your case and create a plan of action to see you receiving the compensation you so justly deserve. 

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