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In Louisiana, construction on the roadways is often occurring, and it is not uncommon for accidents and injuries to occur on construction sites. In fact, workplace fatalities increased by 21% in Louisiana in 2019. Over 13% of the fatal injuries were from falls and over 16% were due to exposure to harmful substances or environments. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified four primary causes of construction accidents: falls, falling objects, electrocutions, and getting caught in or between structures.

There are many regulations in place for the construction industry, but this doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen due to the dangerous situations construction workers can be put in while completing their jobs. 

Tragically, one in every five worker fatalities are construction workers.  In New Orleans, construction sites can be even more dangerous due to the lack of space between the buildings and streets.

Additionally, construction is often occurring in the city of New Orleans. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, the experienced New Orleans construction accident lawyer at Cueria Law Firm, LLC can assist you in obtaining the financial compensation to which you are entitled. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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Violations That Lead to Construction Injuries in New Orleans

  • Lack of Protection from Falls
  • Lack of Respiratory Protections
  • Unstable Scaffolding
  • Unstable Ladders
  • Unsafe Electrical Systems
  • Unsafe Industrialized Trucks and Machinery
  • Unsafe Storing and Controlling of Hazardous Materials and Energy
  • Failure to Communicate Hazard Protocols and Standards

Common Construction Injuries

  • Broken Bones 
  • Sprained/ Pulled Muscles
  • Joint Injuries 
  • Spinal Injuries 
  • Neck Injuries 
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Head Injuries/ TBIs
  • Electrocution and/or Burns 
  • Injuries Due to Toxic Chemical Exposure

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After you have been injured at a construction site in New Orleans, your primary concern should be recovering from your injuries. Sometimes, workers’ compensation benefits do not always provide adequate coverage for your injuries and recovery, especially including your extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as, your loss of times and wages. The attorneys at Cueria Law Firm, LLC can maximize your claims and ensure that you receive fair compensation from the at fault parties.

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