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Many different types of maritime accidents can occur due to the complicated and dangerous nature of maritime work. Accidents can happen just a few feet from shore or miles offshore in deeper ocean waters. Getting hurt on the job can happen to anyone, but offshore workers perform a physically demanding job that can be very dangerous.

Many things can go wrong on a vessel, especially if your employer is negligent in maintaining a safe working environment. Unfortunately, maritime accidents are an all-too-common reality in this industry. Call New Orleans Maritime Lawyer – Cueria Law Firm, LLC today to discuss your situation. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our team. We represent clients throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region.

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Different types of workers who may have maritime workers compensation claims include harbor workers and longshoremen. These workers often work on wharves, dry docks, terminals, piers, or other near-shore areas. The types of work done in these areas include loading and unloading, vessel repair, building a vessel, additional maintenance, and care of vessels, along with near-shore drilling. Near-shore drilling can occur three to ten miles from the shore, often on drilling platforms. The risk to workers participating in these activities is often considered not as significant as on offshore rigs.


Offshore workers may have many different work duties, including maintenance and repair, building pipelines, and offshore drilling. This work often occurs on barges, drilling rigs, and floating platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The long distance from shore makes a fire on these platforms and rigs a severe danger.

Offshore workers injured are entitled to maritime workers compensation under the Jones Act and the Outer Continental Shelf Act. The Jones Act applies to injured seamen, and the Outer Continental Shelf Act covers longshoremen, oil-rig workers, harbor workers, and shipbuilders.

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Your matter could end up in the state or federal courts. Regardless, you will have an excellent New Orleans maritime lawyer at the helm with the Cueria Law Firm, LLC. Allow us to stand up for you against maritime employers and vessel owners. This law office has a broad range of experience in representing clients in claims arising from experience in jack-up rig accidents and drilling rig accidents. We understand that you need to recover compensation to pay for medical bills, and the New Orleans maritime lawyers at our law firm should be the first stop to achieve that. 

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Whether on an offshore oil rig or a spud barge on a waterway, if you are involved in a maritime workers compensation accident, where your injury occurred may impact the kind of claim you can bring and the type of recovery you are entitled to. Contact a New Orleans maritime lawyer.

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