May 26, 2020

New Orleans Vision Loss and Eye Injuries


Vision is vital for everyday life as well as a requirement for most employment opportunities. It is necessary to be able to see for communication as well as completing daily activities. The truth is, vision is a significant human sense that we all need. An eye injury or vision loss can be debilitating and result in the loss of employment as well as other issues. Learning how to protect your eyes is important as well as what to do when you face vision loss or an eye injury at the hands of someone else who acted in a negligent manner.

How To Protect Your Eyes

  • Be sure to wear sunglasses at all times when outside for extended periods of time
  • Use protective eyewear when you are working on projects or on a job site when dealing with tiny particles such as with carpentry or masonry
  • Visit your optometrist for eye checkups on a regular basis
  • Take Vitamin A to ensure healthy vision

Common Eye Injury Types

  • Eye Penetration-this occurs when the eye is penetrated by a foreign object. When this occurs, medical assistance is needed immediately. The object should only be removed by a specialist so that no further damage is caused to the eye.
  • Scratched Eye—when the surface of the eye is scratched it can cause an abrasion by a foreign object. This is considered a superficial eye injury but one that should still be reviewed by an eye doctor.
  • Blunt Force Trauma—an eye injury can also occur due to blunt force trauma. When you are hit in the eye, it can cause swelling, hyphemia’s, traumatic iritis or an orbital blowout fracture. When blunt force trauma occurs, the eye should be reviewed by a medical professional and treatment provided based on the severity of the injury.
  • Chemical burn—eye injuries can also take place when a chemical burn occurs. This can be very painful. The eye should be washed out as quickly as possible and a doctor visit scheduled if irritation or pain continues.

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