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New Orleans Truck Accident Attorney

When a driver is involved in an auto accident with an 18 wheeler or other large truck, it’s likely to have extreme consequences. Large trucks can be 20-30x the size and weight of a regular passenger vehicles, meaning their impact can lead to severe injuries. The Orleans truck accident lawyer at Cueria Law Firm has helped victims of truck accidents receive compensation for their New Orleans personal injury.

Semi-truck accidents are an unfortunate occurrence that happens too often in New Orleans. If you are a truck accidents victim, there is no reason that you have to handle your case alone. The New Orleans truck accident lawyer and staff at Cueria Law Firm, LLC, are very experienced in these types of Truck accidents.

That experience has shown us that many Truck accidents are not limited to driver negligence, but may also involve negligence from the trucking company. The Cueria Law Firm, LLC will work on your behalf to gather all photographs, witness statements, accident reports, and expert reports to build your case.

This determines whether your semi-truck accident was the result of truck drivers negligence, or involves trucking company liability or manufacturer liability and helps you in truck accident claims.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation with my team. We fight for our clients throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

What Should I Do After A Truck Accident?

It is important to know what to do after Truck accident involving an 18 wheeler or other large truck. No one anticipates a truck accident, and the aftermath may feel chaotic. Follow these steps for the best outcome with your case:

Contact the police

First thing truck accident victims should do after being involved in a Truck accident is having an officer respond to the scene means a police report will be filed. This document is often the first piece of evidence reviewed when assigning liability in the trucking accident. Police reports contain the involved party’s information, their insurance details, and the trucking companies information. All of this is needed to file your insurance claim after a truck accident.

Seek medical treatment

Not all injuries will be noticeable in the moments following the New Orleans truck accident. Because of this, all involved parties in truck accident cases should seek medical attention in an emergency room to be cleared by a physician. If you deny medical attention at the scene, you may have a harder time proving that the truck accident and that truck driver injured you.

Collect proof at the scene of the accident

After a New Orleans Truck Accident, if you can walk comfortably, take photos of the scene of the accident. Gather the contact information of any witnesses and take note of any security cameras which can strengthen your claim after the truck accident. You can also use your phone to take photos of the property damage or your injuries.

Consult truck accident attorneys

Your claim will be more complicated than a standard auto accident claim because it will deal with large trucking companies and their insurance. By consulting with an experienced truck accident attorney like Cueria Law Firm, you will set yourself up for the best possible outcome.

Hiring an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Cueria Law Firm, LLC, has over 25 years of experience with personal injury law. Our New Orleans truck accident lawyer works tirelessly to help repair the damage a truck crash can cause to families and wants to help you get your life back also. We will work together to ensure that you receive the proper financial settlement.

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck crash, we urge you to contact our New Orleans truck accident lawyers today at 504-688-7309. Don’t delay so that we can begin collecting evidence and building a strong case against the negligent party.

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