April 15, 2020

New Orleans Neurological Injury Attorney


A neurological injury is considered a catastrophic injury as it limits the function of the individual, usually in a debilitating way. Most of the damage incurred due to the head injury will be irreversible. It is important to seek medical attention when a head injury occurs, but also take legal action. With the help of our New Orleans brain injury attorneys, you will be able to obtain compensation based on your injuries, helping you reach a full recovery, or assisting in medical care needs for the long term.

Neurological Injury

There are several ways in which head trauma can lead to a neurological injury. One instance is traumatic brain injury. This type of injury can range from mild to severe, based on the impact force to the head. Medical attention can relieve symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, but there is not much that can be done to reverse the effects on the brain.

Paralysis is another neurological injury that can take place. Based on the type of head injury, the patient can lose muscle function as well as lose feeling in specific areas of the body. Motor functioning is also impacted.  Memory loss can also be an issue. It is not uncommon for a patient who suffers from a neurological injury to lose their memory. This can be short-term or long-term memory loss, as well as the loss of ability to make new memories. Neuropathy is another result of head & spinal trauma which can leave the patient with the loss of movement or sensation as well as other function issues based on nerve damage. In most cases, this is due to a compressed spinal nerve. An accident involving head trauma may also create a cognitive disorder or deficit. Memory, learning, problem solving, and perception can all be affected.

When a catastrophic injury takes place involving a neurological injury, the result can range from impairment to lifelong debilitation. The injury severity may provide you with an option to seek compensation. Monetary compensation may be the only way you can pay for medical bills and other necessary expenses.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, at no fault of your own, where a neurological injury took place, contact Cueria Law Firm. Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys are ready to review your case and help you seek the compensation you so justly deserve. Give us a call today so we can review your case.

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